Medical Director

Our Medical Director is a qualified professional with a great human sensitivity for the patient and his family.
The medical Director is responsible for approving the patient care plan, that care plan will be reviewed every two weeks at a meeting with the entire interdisciplinary team of the Company (IDT).
The medical director focuses all his medical knowledge on keeping the patient’s symptoms under control with the primary objective of the patient living in a condition of comfort and peace.
The medical director will periodically visit the patient according to the state rules.

Other work functions:
The following is a list of responsibilities for this position, but it is not intended to cover other related duties
That this position may be required to perform from time to time.
1. Demonstrates understanding of the hospice philosophy and the management of pain and symptoms.
2. Works with various social and economic situations without imposing their own values; Keeps appropriate professional limits.
3. Demonstrates understanding of the team approach and communication.
4. Contributes to the positive environment; Demonstrates positive interactions with both internal and external.
5. Demonstrates ability to be a productive member of a high-performance team.
6. Provides a timely and appropriate response to customers ‘ internal and external needs.
7. Participates in quality assurance and program improvement meetings and activities as needed and

8. Assist with the orientation of the new staff as assigned.
9. Offers suggestions for improving policies, procedures and services in an appropriate manner and time.
10. Demonstrates knowledge and support of OSHA’s agency security and policies. Demonstrates the use of
Case-by-case security judgment. It uses a proper body mechanics and a safe job.
Unsafe environments/practices techniques and reports to the supervisor in a timely manner.
11. Demonstrates understanding of HIPAA’s privacy standards and related agency policies.
12. Demonstrates understanding and compliance with the Agency’s policies, including, inter alia, Documentation, continuing education, assistance/working hours and required documentation of human resources,
State and federal policies and procedures, laws and regulations.

Our Medical Director is a qualified professional with a great human sensitivity for the patient and his family.

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