The hospice program covers medications related to the illness for which the patient qualified for hospice.
These medicines will help control the patient’s symptoms. Each of these drugs need to be authorized by our Medical director.

The use of medicines and their safe handling.
• Keep a list of all the medications you take.
• This includes prescription drugs, non-prescription medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements.
• Store all medicines in their well-marked original containers.
• Administer medications exactly as directed by a physician or nurse practitioner. .
• Discuss with your doctor and nurse the reason you are taking a medication.
• Follow the doctor’s recommended treatment plan.
• If you believe a change should be made to a medication, talk to your Hospice nurse or doctor. Do not try to adjust the dose yourself or skip medications.
• Never give or sell your prescription medication to someone else. The medication was prescribed only to the patient.
• Keep all medicines out of the reach of children, pets or others who may be harmed.
• Avoid drinking alcohol while you are taking prescription drugs.
• Medications that are no longer needed or have expired should be safely removed. Gracia Hospice will remove controlled medications that are no longer needed, in accordance with hospice policy and procedure.

We help educate the community so that our families have the right information to help them understand how the Hospice program in order to make wise decisions.
We work with various organizations in the community to help inform them about hospice benefits.

If you know of an organization that needs Hospice information please feel free to call us.

People who volunteer their time to help families in need. They are an important part of the Hospice program. They can help the patient or the family with some needs such as:
• reading books.
• Company for the patient when the caregiver has to leave the house.
• Assistance for some purchases.